Media Master Workshop
  Recent Attendees  

Larry Crisp
Business Consultant
6 Figure Reality

"Just what I learned before lunch was 
worth the price of admission."


Jane Cranston
NYC Executive Career Coach

"I felt like I had a
real mentor ... and
lots and lots of


Shonali Burke

Vice President
Media & Communications

"We couldn't find a
better trainer or organization to work with."

Stuart Friedman
Author of
Job Jail...8 Proven
Steps to Freedom.

"I feel like I'm
always ready now
and know my
media messages."






  Our Clients  

• The Hartford (NYSE: HIG)
• Blackstone Group
• Nextel
• United Nations
• Lending Tree
• Pfizer
• ST Microelectronics
• JP Morgan & Co. (NYSE: JPM)
• Charles Schwab (NYSE:SCH)
• Amerada Hess (NYSE: AHC)
• Bank Of America (NYSE: BAC)
• All State Insurance
• Foreign Governments
• Unilever (NYSE: UL)
• Hecla Mining
• Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS)
• Hovensa – St. Croix
• RLI Corp. (NYSE: RLI)
• Rowan (NYSE: NDC)
• NBTY, Inc. (Nasdaq: NBTY)
• Tampa Bay Lightning
• Maritrans
• Ratheon
• Edison Schools (NYSE: EDSN)
• ProAct Technologies
• Microsoft
• Visual Networks
• Wachovia
• Quest (NYSE: QSFT)
• TransAct Technologies
(Nasdaq: TACT)
• American Science and Engineering (AMEX: ASE)
• Summit Technology
• Transclick
• Serious USA
• General Accounting Office
• Vanderbilt University
• U. S. Army
• National Park Service
• U. S. Department of the Interior
• Ronald McDonald House
• Ernst and Young
• Measurements & Data
• Ivy MacKenzie Funds
• Thornburg Fund
• Third Avenue Funds
• Asset Control Systems Inc.
• Arthur Andersen
• PR Week
• American Banker/Thomson
• McGraw-Hill
• Medical Electronics
• Kenamea
• Kwiat
• Gartner Group
• US Trust
• Yale University Library

  Our Media Master Workshop has prepared clients for interviews with most American media outlets. Here are some of the places where our clients have appeared after training:  
Television Print Radio
CBS News New York Times National Public Radio
ABC News Wall Street Journal Westwood One
NBC News Washington Post ABC Radio
Today Show Business Week NBC Radio
CNBC Time Infinity
CNN Mutual
Bloomberg TV
Fox News Channel
Court TV
Lifetime Network