Media Master Workshop
  What Is Media Training Worldwide And Why Are We The Leaders?  
  This is an Interactive Course.

In this 1-day workshop, you will be provided with techniques, guidelines, and actual systems for each aspect of an effective media interview or appearance.  You will then speak or be interviewed while being videotaped and have the opportunity to watch your interview on camera.   With the help of your seminar leader and other participants, you will get a precise accounting of what your strengths are, your weaknesses, and, most important, step-by-step instructions on how to solve your specific problems.
  The Program  


SECTION 1: Media Basics

  • How to look better
  • How to sound better
  • Rules of context
  • Body language techniques
  • Learn what media outlets are really looking for
  • Learn how to still get what you want into media stories
  • Become more confident
  • Become more relaxed
  • Become calmer
  • Have more control
Participants engage in videotaped interviews followed by constructive critique.

SECTION 2: Media Message Creation System
  • Create and design messages you can take with you and use
    for future interviews
  • Develop media messages more quickly and easily
  • Know how to use this system when the media calls
  • Learn the elements of an effective media message
  • Understand the 13 Essential Elements that Reporters look for
  • Be able to narrow all your messages and decide on the most appropriate
    "media messages"
  • Bring focus to your messages
  • Narrow down everything you could say into the most important
    messages also know as your "media messages."

Participants engage in videotaped interviews followed by constructive critique.

SECTION 3: The Answer System

  • Remove the fear and worry when it comes to questions
  • Easily get to the answers you want
  • Be a master at answering difficult questions
  • How not to get tripped up on easy questions
  • Maintain control over the interview
  • How to dramatically increase the likelihood of saying
    what you want to appear in the story
  • Learn 10 completely different message bridging techniques

Participants engage in videotaped interviews followed by constructive critique.



SECTION 4: Sound Bite and Quote System

  • Reformat your messages and answers in the exact format the media
    can use... AKA sound bites and quotes
  • Leave the training with a list of sound bites you can actually use in the future
  • Understand the 10 principles for being quoted
  • Create sound bites the media can't resist
  • Use sounds and quotes you created in advanced

Participants engage in videotaped interviews followed by constructive critique.


SECTION 5: Drills for specific media situations
  • Practice your newly formed skills in a variety of
    real world / real media situations including
  • Satellite TV interviews - Look calm, comfortable with no "deer in headlights" look
  • Radio interviews - Learn the nuances
  • Phone interviews - Secrets for injecting just the right messages
  • Print interviews - Learn how to give them the quote they want
  • TV interviews - practice for sit-down, cable news, morning show, and new package formats
  • Social Media / New Media interviews - find out why these interviews are very valuable and can lead to traditional media opportunities


SECTION 6: System for Remembering & Getting Better After the Training Ends

  • Customize your follow-up program
  • Decide if you want ongoing video tutorials, audio tutorials, or text
  • Select the frequency to receive follow-up training materials: available monthly,
    weekly, and now DAILY.
  • Get options to interact with your instructor during the year, have interviews critiqued
  • Full year of follow-up services guaranteed


  What you will also receive:

Participants will receive the following supplementary learning materials to go with their customized training:
  • Electronic Handbook, 1001 Ways to Wow the Media
  • Book, Media Training A-Z
  • Video, TV Basics (How to prepare for TV interviews)
  • Video, Speak in Sound Bites
  • Audio, Controlling Your Message
  • QuoteController™ software
     …PLUS much more!

We also provide post-training continuing education and support in the form of videos, audios, and text that include:

  • Yearlong access to multimedia follow-up materials
  • 30-day unlimited email consultation after the workshop
  • Wallet cards, Top 10 Tips when Preparing for Interviews


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